Beanstalk has supported, among others, the following pupils at a primary school in South West Manchester:

Harry started Year 2 at a level 1 Ready and is finishing Year 2 at a level 2 Securing, this is an incredible 7 sublevels of progress. Harry’s incredible leaps in progress are definitely in part due to the time he has spent with a reading helper from Beanstalk. As we have moved through the year we have seen a huge improvement in Harry’s desire to improve his reading skills and also to read for pleasure. Harry struggles with staying focussed on his work at times but enjoys the treat of going out to read with the reading helper. 

Jack started Year 2 at a level 1 Emerging and is finishing Year 2 at a level 2 Ready, this is three sublevels of progress. Jack has grown in confidence and pride with regards to his reading as he has progressed through Year 2. Having the opportunity to have some 1:1 time with a reading helper each week has given Jack some of the attention and focus that he needed to help to settle him back into the classroom.

Ellie started the year at a level 1 Developing and is now working at a level 2 Securing, this is 5 sublevels of progress. Ellie is a very quiet member of our class and can sometimes be overshadowed by the more outgoing children. Ellie is also one of three children at home and doesn’t get much chance to read with a grown up. Working with a reading helper has helped to build Ellie’s confidence in her reading and her own self esteem. Ellie has loved reading this year and as we have progressed through Year 2 she has become more confident in our Guided Reading groups and is now willing to read parts of stories to her group loudly and clearly, she also has the confidence to contribute her own ideas and reasons when asked questions about the stories she has been reading.